Celebrate “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Celebrate “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” in 2023 as the classic poem celebrates its 200th anniversary! Start by decorating your tree to tell the story. With this in mind, look to Bronner’s giant “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” tree just inside our west entrance for inspiration.

""Twas the Night Before Christmas" giant themed tree inside Bronner's west entrance

No doubt, vintage ornaments and trims will take you back in time. And for extra fun, invite the festivities to Christmas dinner with our DIY dining room table décor.

DIY Christmas Placemats Celebrate “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

If you had ever told me I would one day be a fan of tearing a book apart for a DIY project, I would have told you that you were crazy. But here I am today, not minding it at all as I take one apart for our “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” placemats. Maybe that’s because I’m using the pages to honor and tell the story.

In particular, the hardcover book “The Night Before Christmas,” illustrated by Christian Birmingham, is perfect for this project. (#1200994, available in-store or by contacting customer service at 800.361.6736 or customerservice@bronners.com) Rich in color, the illustrations come to life before your eyes. No doubt, you’ll want a copy of this version of the story for yourself as well as several to give as gifts!

"The Night Before Christmas" book standing on table in front of lighted Christmas tree
Pages open to "The Night Before Christmas" book in front of lighted Christmas tree

Assemble Placemats

To begin with, gather a copy of the book, mat knife, desktop paper cutter or scissors, and clear tape. Open the front cover and gently cut the strings holding the bound pages to the book cover. Repeat from the open back cover as needed.

"'Twas the Night Before Christmas" book with front cover open and binding cut and separated by mat knife
"'Twas the Night Before Christmas" book open with mat knife cutting strings of binding
mat knife cutting the final strings at the top of the book

Next, take the pages (free of the book cover but still bound together) to a paper cutter. As close to the binding as possible, cut each page free from the binding. (Remember you can do this by hand with scissors, but it’s more difficult to keep the cut line straight and clean.

Now run each page through a laminating machine. If you don’t have one readily available, you can take your pages to a business supply store or teacher supply store for this step for a small charge. Or you can purchase self-stick self self laminate. You will need sheets at least 11 by 14 inches in size. Regardless, you’ll need two sheets per book page.

Finally, trim the laminate back but not so far that the seal is jeopardized, tape together a page of matching text (on the right) to a matching picture (on the left). The tape seam should be on the back. Voila!

Trim Your Table to Celebrate “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Featured: Assorted Black Reindeer (1243485); Gold Glitter Plastic Reindeer (1240704); Santa figure (1259369) – Available in-store or by contacting customerservice@bronners.com or 800.361.6736.

Indeed there’s something magical about the author’s encounter with Santa captured in Moore’s classic poem. In similar fashion, bring that magic to your Christmas table.

Without a doubt, you’ll transform your table instantly by laying our white tablecloth that’s trimmed with red embroidered stars along with Santas and sleighs pulled by reindeer.

Now continue the transformation by arranging your place setting. You can top your DIY “Twas the Night Before Christmas” placemat with our ruby shimmer dinner plate. Next, add silver, stainless steel or pewter flatware. Follow your flatware by threading a gray fabric dinner napkin through the ring of our red leather jingle bell strap. Lay it across the dinner plate and complete the setting with clear stemware.

Carry the Theme

Now carry the theme throughout the room to your fireplace mantel. After all, our Santa-reading-letters wall art (1241063) captures the magic of the jolly old elf. And our house tree table sign (1242805) suggests the neighborhood visited by St. Nick. This is especially true when the houses are lit from behind with battery-operated tea lights (not included).

white fireplace mantel with Santa-reading-letters wall art and houses and trees table sign
Featured: Santa-Reading-Letters Wall Art (1241063) – available in-store or at customerservice@bronners.com/800.361.6736; Wooden House/Tree Table Sign (1242805)

By the same token, share the theme on our 11-inch magnetic round easel (1240529). Just add magnets to a letter set of your choice. No doubt you’ll find many seasonal and holiday uses for this easel!

round magnetic easel with the words Twas the Night Before
Featured: 11-inch Magnetic Round Easel (1240529)

Lastly, don’t forget to trim the back of your chairs with a vintage-style corduroy red stocking (1216405) – available in-store or by contacting customer service at 800.361.6737 or customerservice@bronners.com.

red and whit corduroy stocking tied to the back of a brown wooden chair

Read The Book

For certain, Bronner’s has a version of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” for every member of your family! Find them in-store or contact customer service, 800.361.6736 or customerservice@bronners.com, to order your favorites.

  • “The Night Before Christmas” board book (reindeer cover) – (1251900)
  • “The Night Before Christmas” board book (Santa in sleigh cover) – (1251943)
  • “The Night Before Christmas” Little Golden Board Book – (1186894)
  • “The Night Before Christmas” Little Golden Book – (1166016)
  • “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” board book (blue cover with stars, Santa, sleigh and reindeer) – (1216836)
  • “The Night Before Christmas” sound book – (1255740)
  • “The Night Before Christmas” illustrated by Christian Birmingham – (1200994)
  • “The Night Before Christmas” illustrated by Antonio Javier Caparo – (1200953)
  • “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” illustrated by Jim Shore – (1255039)
  • “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” bicentennial keepsake hardcover edition – (1255791)
  • “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” keepsake board book – (1255790)
two books on table in front of tree lit with multi-color lights
Featured: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas Collector’s Edition (1255791); ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas Collector’s Edition Board Book (1255790)

More “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Wait! Before you leave, be sure to sign up for a virtual author visit with Pamela McColl, author of “‘Twas the Night: The Art and History of the Classic Christmas Poem.” In brief, this virtual event is a joint venture of the Frankenmuth Wickson District Library and Birch Run Fleschner Memorial Library. So you can attend from either library or the comfort of your home.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

2 thoughts on “Celebrate “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

  • December 13, 2023 at 8:49 pm

    Today in a Salvation Army thrift shop in a little Nova Scotia village I purchased an unopened package of vintage paper placemats from your company! They look like they are from the 70s but I’m not sure. At the top a banner reads” Enjoy CHRISTMAS. It’s HIS birthday. Enjoy life . It’s HIS way. ” And it’s essentially a carol song sheet. Do you happen to know the year these were published?

    • December 15, 2023 at 5:23 pm

      Cynthia, what a treasure you found! I’m not sure when the placemats were first printed. I’ve been here 26 years, and they were here when I started in 1997. The placemats were sold in-store and also donated to organizations for special dinners, etc. It’s possible they are from the ’70s, but I can’t say for certain. We discontinued them many years ago. Merry Christmas!


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