Bronner’s Scavenger Hunt – Pt. 2

Wally Bronner With Cameras
Wally Bronner, circa 1961.

Bronner’s celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2020. Starting from humble beginnings in 1945 and growing into the World’s Largest CHRISTmas Store®, we’re fortunate that originator Wally Bronner had a knack for preserving our hi-STORY! Continuing our trip down memory lane begun in Bronner’s Scavenger Hunt – PT. 1, check out the rest of the fun that our scavenger hunt has to offer!

Time to Find …

1. Bronner’s Motto

“Enjoy CHRISTmas, It’s HIS Birthday; Enjoy Life, It’s HIS Way!”

Bronner’s motto was inspired by a Christmas greeting the Bronner family received in the mid-1970s.

Though the motto is most prominently displayed outside our main entrances, you’ll also see it a few other places, too. See how many can you count on your next visit!

Bronner's Store Motto

If you’d love to know more about how the CHRISTmas Wonderland motto came to be and the symbolism behind the design, check out that story at!

2. Weihnachtsmarkt Signs

Weihnachtsmarkt translated from German means Christmas Market.

These fun Christmas market signs made their appearance in Bronner’s MASSIVE storeroom with a 1991 addition that nearly doubled the store’s size.

Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland In Frankenmuth, MI

Just like Christkindlemarkts, Bronner’s features a selection of traditional German-made nutcrackers and wooden pyramids, and an impressive selection of European made ornaments. Without a doubt, it’s a CHRISTmas lover’s dream!

Certainly we should mention that you can even find the traditional, German Christmas cookie lebkuchen – a market favorite – here during the holiday season!😋 Somewhat similar to gingerbread, lebkuchen is a soft, spice cookie that is coated in a glaze or chocolate and often presented on an edible wafer paper. (Bronner’s authentic, German-made lebkuchen cookies on offer are heart-shaped and covered in a delightful milk chocolate with sprinkles!)

3. Wally’s Memorial Ornament

Artist Connie Larsen rendered this memorial to originator Wally Bronner after his passing in 2008. What’s more, the giant ornament was revealed at Bronner’s 2008 staff party, where the team honored the life of Wally Bronner.

Wally Bronner's Memorial Ornament

4. Wally’s Showcase

As you scavenge around Bronner’s, you’re sure to notice this little nook tucked amidst our Wonderland if you haven’t before!

Wally’s showcase shares the incredible legacy of “Mr. Christmas.” You’ll also discover fun gems in here, too, like Wally’s signature red blazer. Those cameras from the 1961 photo above? They are here, too! Additionally, you’ll find gifts from artisans, photos, awards and memorabilia from the man whose mission was to share the JOY of CHRISTmas, everyday!

Wally Bronner's Showcase

5. A Decorative Life – The Wally Bronner Story

Indeed, our 75th anniversary Bronner’s scavenger hunt is not complete without mentioning “A Decorative Life – The Wally Bronner Story!”

Wally’s showcase (or our program center in section 2) is the perfect place to take a break and enjoy the free, 30-minute DVD presentation. “A Decorative Life” chronicles the inspiring life story of Wally Bronner.

Wally Bronner's Showcase And Video

Likewise, there are free showings of the DVD presentation “The World Of Bronner’s.” In particular, this 20-minute showing takes a colorful and fascinating look at Bronner’s journey throughout the years.

6. Christmas Countdown

Another fun find of significance? Bronner’s Christmas countdown signs! In addition to making fun photo ops for guests, the Christmas countdown signs were favorites of Wally, who could ALWAYS tell you on any given day just how many days until Christmas there were!

Bronner's Christmas Countdown Calendar
📷 Photo Credit At Right: @JennaRainey14

One thing you can always count on? No matter how many days are left on the calendar until December 25, we’re ALWAYS celebrating here!

7. Bronner’s Month Clock

If you love Christmas but hate that it only comes once a year, you don’t have to worry about pushing the clock here! Check out Bronner’s month clock, and then head inside to enjoy our CHRISTmas Wonderland – no matter what time of year it is!

Bronner's Month Clock
📷 Photo Credit At Right: Melinda Miller

8. Silent Night Memorial Chapel

In 1976 while on a European buying trip, Wally discovered the serene chapel in Oberndorf. There he found inspiration for the memorial he longed to create in thanksgiving to God for His multitude of blessings throughout the years. And with the blessing of Oberndorf city officials, Bronner’s replica Silent Night Memorial Chapel was erected with careful attention to every detail.

Bronner's Silent Night Memorial Chapel
Bronner's Silent Night Memorial Chapel And The Frankenmuth 'Wilkommen' Arch

The chapel now welcomes visitors to Frankenmuth, Michigan’s Little Bavaria, at the south end of town.

What’s more, “Silent Night” plays throughout the grounds, creating a peaceful atmosphere, while the chapel’s interior is open daily for visitation and meditation. Additionally, you’ll find over 150 translations of the first chorus on display, including a braille version!

CHECK IT OUT! A broken church organ made way for one of the world’s most beloved hymns. Take a front row seat to discover the journey of Bronner’s and the Silent Night Memorial Chapel.

Love the chapel as much as we do?! Check out these Silent Night Chapel Souvenirs.

9. To Catch A Camel

Wally’s sense of humor inspires #9 in Bronner’s scavenger hunt! Don’t worry, you won’t have to go all the way to Camel-lot to find one!

Bronner's Giant Fiberglass Camel

Bronner’s fiberglass line was first introduced in 1961, around the same time the top photo was taken. Bronner’s exclusive, life-sized Nativity set greets guests at both entrances to the store.

DID YOU KNOW: Bronner’s commercial department offers refurbishing services? Our airbrush artists recently completed the refurbish of a Bronner Nativity scene for the City of Hastings that has been on display in their community for over 50 years!

10. Bronner’s 3 Original Buildings In Downtown Frankenmuth

Our final scavenger hunt item takes you to the top of the hill in Frankenmuth, Michigan! Here you’ll find the three original buildings that Bronner’s called home from 1954-1977. Undeniably, it looks a little different today!

Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland's 3 Original Downtown Frankenmuth Locations

Bronner’s MAIN building was built by Wally’s own father and opened in 1954 with a 1963 expansion.

Afterward, in 1966, the addition of Frankenmuth’s former bank building became Bronner’s Tannenbaum Shop. Subsequently, Bronner’s Bavarian Corner (formerly Wally’s Aunt Hattie’s store) was added in 1971. Bronner’s new, consolidated location at the south end of town on 25 Christmas Lane opened in 1977. (Check out the History Of Bronner’s for more fun details!)

Ready, Set, Go!

Print off Bronner’s Artifact Scavenger Hunt before your next visit to see how many you can check off!

Additionally, you may want to add our first 10 scavenger items to your hunt while you’re here!

Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland’s 75th Anniversary!

Thank you for 75 years of friendship! It is our joy to be able to share the CHRISTmas spirit with you ALL-YEAR-LONG. Additionally, we hope you enjoy our scavenger hunt and discover even more to love!

Bronner's 75th anniversary Refrigerator Magnet
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