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Indeed, we’re a little – okay, a lot – obsessed with Mad Libs. Take a peek below at Bronner’s Mad Lib Theater with Mrs. Claus and Autumn the Elf, and then gather your friends and family for your own Christmas version of the popular party game with Bronner’s original Mad Lib Christmas story: “Incident At The North Pole“!

Bronner’s mad lib is just the first day of fun waiting for you in our “12 Days of Christmas In July!” We’ve got 11 more days of crafts, activities, games and stories coming your way!

Bronner's 12 days of Christmas in July!

What Is Mad Libs?

In case you didn’t know, Leonard Stern and Roger Price created Mad Libs in 1953. The word game, often played at parties, starts with a word list and story template. First, the lead player asks the other players to provide specific words (noun, animal, verb, song, etc.) to complete the list. Next, the words are written into their specific places in the story. Finally, one or more of the players reads the story aloud. The resulting story is often silly or surreal as players are usually unaware of the context with which the words they supplied will apply. Players can act out the story, rather than read it, to bring a fun, theatrical feel to the game.

The Night Before Christmas Mad Lib Fun

Mrs. Claus and Autumn the Elf joined us recently on our Facebook page for a “special” reading of “The Night Before Christmas.” Where, unbeknownst to Mrs. Claus, Autumn the Elf used a little Christmas magic to turn the classic story in to Bronner’s Mad Lib Theater fun!

Hence, we’ve written a special mad lib just for our blog readers titled “Incident at the North Pole.” So gather your family and friends and complete the word list. Then plug each word or phrase into it’s corresponding spot in the story. Now the fun begins! Without delay, read the story aloud, or better yet, pop some popcorn and pour the pop and have a couple of entertainers from your group act it out!

Incident at the North Pole* Mad Lib

Word List

  1. holiday
  2. noun/thing
  3. past-tense verb
  4. country
  5. number
  6. noun/thing
  7. body part
  8. exclamation
  9. favorite teacher
  10. verb
  11. noun
  12. food item
  13. store name
  14. mode of transportation
  15. noun/thing
  16. adjective
  17. toy
  18. type of storm
  19. verb ending in -ing
  20. plural animal
  21. plural animal
  22. room in a building
  23. noun/thing
  24. exclamation
  25. electrical appliance
  26. plural animal
  27. verb
  28. body part
  29. adjective
  30. famous musician
  31. adjective
  32. song
  33. body part
  34. holiday

Story Template

Mrs. Claus was baking (1. holiday) cookies today when all of a sudden the (2. noun/thing) (3. past-tense verb). Santa was in (4. country) working on (5. number) (6. noun/thing). Therefore Mrs. Claus didn’t know what to do.

Not to mention, she couldn’t find a (7. body part) to fix the (2. noun thing). (8. Exclamation)! At any rate, all the cookies burned! “And (9. favorite teacher) won’t be able to (10. verb) without the cookies!” she cried.

So Tinsel the Elf, who was busy decking the halls with (11. noun), offered to get more (12. food item) from (13. store name) for Mrs. Claus to make another batch of cookies. But on the way home, the (14. mode of transportation) got stuck in (15. noun/thing). What a conundrum! Thankfully Tinsel had a(n) (16. adjective) (17. toy) in her pocket! She used it to reach Rudolph, who came to her rescue, and flew her home with the (12. food item) as a result.

But Wait!

No sooner had Rudolph and Tinsel returned home than a (18. type of storm) hit. All of a sudden, it was (19. verb ending in -ing) (20. plural animal) and (21. plural animal). Straightaway, everyone dashed inside to the (22. room in a building) to warm by the fire, where Mrs. Claus sat in her favorite (23. noun/thing), mixing up another batch of cookie dough. Wouldn’t you know that just as she was ready to bake those cookies, the power went out?!  (24. Exclamation)! Now how would Mrs. Claus bake if the (25. electrical appliance) wouldn’t work?

But just in the nick of time, who to my wondering eyes should appear but Mr. Claus and eight tiny (26. plural animal)! What’s more, with a (27. verb) of his (28. body part) and his (29. adjective) Christmas magic, the power came back on. As a result, Mrs. Claus’s (25. electrical appliance) was working once again!

Afterward, (30. Famous musician), who had arrived in town just before the storm to see if he/she was on the (31. adjective) list, celebrated by singing (32. song) while Santa loaded his sleigh to deliver the (1. holiday) cookies to (10. favorite teacher).

Well, bless my (33. body part)! It was a (34. holiday) miracle to be sure!

What’s the Incident?!

We’d love to see what fun versions you come up with for our story “Incident At The North Pole!” Will you take a video reading your story and share with us on 🎥Facebook or Instagram by tagging @BronnersChristmas, or drop us your story in the comments below👇!

Inspiration for Bronner’s Mad Lib Theater

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Custom Ornament From Bronner's

Without a doubt, our Bronner’s Mad Lib Theater inspiration came from Jimmy Fallon and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Mad Lib Theater on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” in 2016.

Did You Know: Bronner’s custom ornament department designed an ornament for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”? With this in mind, see what our custom ornament department can do for you at

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