10 Things to Do at Bronner’s- Your Bucket List

Is seeing the World’s Largest Christmas Store on your bucket list? We’re honored! We’ve got a little bucket list of our own … for those who can come to visit us in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Check it out!


10. Mail A Letter To Santa 

He’ll be making his list and checking it twice; better make sure he knows what you want just in case you’ve been nice.😂 Whether you’re 4 or 4- (… you get the point), it’s always fun to return to the childlike wonder of Christmas!

Letters To Santa
📷 Credit: Left – Bronner’s; Middle – trlance830 on Instagram; Top Right – staceylynnxoxo on Instagram; Bottom Right – michelle__harman on Instagram.

9. Find A Wacky Ornament

With over 8,000 styles, you’re sure to be inspired by some pretty fun and wacky ornaments to channel your inner Madonna and 🎵”Vogue, vogue, strike-a-pose!“🎵

Fun With Ornaments From Bronner's Christmas Wonderland
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Up for a bit of a challenge and loads of fun? We loved Adam and Kelsey’s Ornament Challenge idea! Why not let friends and family in on the fun and grab your list before you head on in?!

8. Answer The Santa Phone 

January thru a good part of November, before Santa visits begin, Bronner’s has a direct hotline to Santa’s workshop in the North pole! We’ve seen the fun of both the young and young-at-heart answering our shiny red phone. Would you answer? (See more fun photos from Santa’s Hotline in our second installment of Top 10 Photo Ops at Bronner’s – hint … it’s #1!) But this precious “good boy” takes the cake so we’re sharing him again!😇 (Original Facebook video credit to Jaqueline Miles.)


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Due to COVID-19, our in-store Santa Hotline has been removed. But you may still hear from the big man in red! Call Santa at 989-596-1403

7. Have A Sugar Cookie

Bronner’s Season’s Eatings snack area sugar cookies are a pretty BIG deal! Even Mrs. Claus has Bronner’s recipe for sugar cookie frosting. Additionally it’s featured in our Virtual Cookie Exchange!

But you don’t have to take our word for it, his sweet face says it all! 😍

Bronner's Signature Frosted Sugar Cookies From Season's Eating's Snack Area

6. Find A Nativity On A Tree

Bronner’s has over 100 decorated Christmas trees in various themes on display and every-single-one features at least one Nativity ornament, a tradition Wally Bronner started that is still proudly carried on today! Halloween tree? Yup! Nativity … Fishing? Uh-huh, Nativity there, too!

Every decorated tree at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan features at least one nativity ornament!

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt every now and then? As if there isn’t enough to see … Go ahead and find those Nativities, we challenge you!

Bronner's Program Center shows 3 movies daily.
Rather shop while you’re here but still intrigued? Our stories are also available on DVD or by Wally’s authored books, currently on special!

5. Catch A (Free) Show

In Bronner’s program center in section 2. With three different programs playing throughout the day, choose to learn about the history of how we came to be in “The World of Bronner’s,” meet Wally Bronner in “A Decorative Life: The Wally Bronner Story” or hear about the world’s favorite Christmas carol in “Silent Night, Holy Night.”

4. Visit The Silent Night Memorial Chapel

Just 230 steps from Bronner’s south entrance! A neat little fact: “Silent Night” is actually celebrating it’s 200th anniversary this year in 2018!

Originator Wally Bronner first saw the chapel in Oberndorf, Austria, in 1976 while on a European buying trip. There he found inspiration for the memorial he longed to create in thanksgiving to God for His multitude of blessings throughout the years. Interested in more? You may enjoy reading the history of the “Silent Night” Christmas carol and chapels and how Bronner’s came to have the only other (authorized) replica.

Personalized Ornaments In Section 8 At Bronner's Christmas Wonderland In Frankenmuth, Michigan
Section 8 in Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, the World’s Largest Christmas Store in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

3. Pick out an ornament

That shows your personal-ity™!

It’s no secret that Bronner’s has a LARGE selection of personalized ornaments to celebrate life’s special moments, loved ones, pets, hobbies, occupations -or- retirement! AND SO MUCH MORE! (Somewhere around 2,000 skus if you’re counting!)

Ever wonder how Bronner’s iconic name bulbs began? As excerpted from our Personalized Process and FAQ page:

“As a young sign painter and window trimmer with artistic flair, Wally Bronner understood the importance of the personal touch. Before long, he transitioned into the Christmas decorations business, taking that artistic flair with him. He decided a staff Christmas party in the 1960s called for hand-painted, personalized Christmas ornaments for the staff children – gifts with personal-ity®. The personalized ornaments were such a hit that they became an integral part of Bronner’s merchandise selection and have remained one of our most popular offerings over the years.”

It’s not just the item itself that makes it so personal – but how they are personalized! In a day where machine-applied personalization is prevalent among most retailers, Bronner’s still hand-letters and paints EVERY ornament for that extra personal touch! 

2. Take a drive down Christmas Lane at dusk

You can see a video of our drive down 25 Christmas Lane, but it’s just not quite the same as seeing the 1/2 mile-long, scenic drive is in person! Plus, we’ve added lots of new spectacular light displays! And while you can find many other amazing holiday light displays in Michigan, you’ll find that Bronner’s is the only one illuminated daily, ALL YEAR LONG!

Bronner's 25 Christmas Lane is illuminated nightly with a beautiful display of LED Christmas lights and decorations!

1. Take a picture with the big guy

Because if you don’t get a picture with our GIANT Santa, were you even really here?!😂

Instagram 📷 Credit: michellezzak

Christmas Music

While you’re here, you can always sing along to the Christmas music in store, because after all, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” in the wisdom of Buddy the Elf!

Bronner’s On Spotify

*Love Christmas music as much as we do or just wanting to get in the mood before your visit?!🎄🎵 Check out Bronner’s new Spotify music playlist! We’re still building our list, so feel free to let us know in the comments below what songs you’d like to see added!