Bronner’s 2023 Lookbook!

Bronner’s 2023 Lookbook is live and waiting for you to take a peek! To be sure, you can shop some great products AND see how to use them.

Picking Product for Bronner’s 2023 Lookbook

As you can imagine, selecting trims and gifts to feature in our lookbook is a delightful, though daunting task. Without a doubt, we’d like to showcase all our favorites! However, we exercise a little discipline (ha!) and keep the product count under 30. 😉 Of course, we make a point to share a related recipe and a DIY project from, too!

Therefore, this year’s Lookbook categories include

  • garland,
  • stockings,
  • nutcrackers,
  • mugs,
  • tree toppers,
  • rustic ornaments woodland ornaments,
  • a natural Christmas,
  • Jesus (the Reason for the Season),
  • home decor (especially black and white buffalo plaid),
  • brightly colored ornaments and trims,
  • an ugly Christmas sweater tutorial,
  • wall decor,
  • cardinals,
  • memorial ornaments,
  • dishware,
  • “The Christmas Movie Cookbook,”
  • tabletop gifts for family and friends, and
  • Snowpinion ornaments.
Snowpinion ornaments hanging from a greens and pinecone lighted garland on  a white fireplace mantle for Bronner's 2023 Lookbook.
Snowpinion Ornaments

Display Ideas for Your Lookbook Favorites

All in all, we hope to spark ideas to help you best display your lookbook picks at home. After all, we want them to bring you JOY and help you love the space you live in.

In addition, we hope your selections from Bronner’s 2023 Lookbook will help you make sweet memories with those you love. With this in mind, we hope you’ll find delight in the season like Erin from our graphic design team and her daughter Ellie did. All things considered, there’s nothing like sitting down with someone you love for hot cocoa with our Snuggler/Cuddler Big and Little Mug Set. 🥰

Mother and daughter enjoying hot cocoa in Snuggler/Cuddler Big and Little Mug Set of 2 from Bronner's 2023 Lookbook.
Snuggler/Cuddler Big and Little Mug Set of 2

As a matter of fact, there’s nothing like cooking together and sharing a meal to bring loved ones close. To be sure, you’ll find some great recipes from your favorite Christmas movies in “The Christmas Movie Cookbook.” And they’ll look great served on our plates!

Please let us know what you like best from our lookbook and how you’re going to use it this Christmas season to make it merry and bright.

2 thoughts on “Bronner’s 2023 Lookbook!

  • October 3, 2023 at 5:57 pm

    How does a look book differ from a catalog that came out every year?

    • October 11, 2023 at 5:15 pm

      Hi, Marge. A look book typically has fewer items than a catalog. The featured products are often photographed in lifestyle settings to give readers ideas for using the items.


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