Angel-Themed Mother’s Day Gifts

angel figurine backed by pink silk daisies for Angel-Themed Mother's Day Gifts
angel figurine backed by pink silk daisies for Angel-Themed Mother's Day Gifts

Put angel-themed Mother’s Day gifts at the top of your list for mom this year! After all, God’s angelic spirits, ministering to people over the centuries, have brought comfort, peace and joy. Make mom an angel (or two or three) to grace her summer garden or Christmas tree later in the year. Or consider an angel-themed gift from Bronner’s for your mother or a special mother figure in your life this Mother’s Day. (Mom You Make the World a Brighter Place! angel and Grandmother Another Word for Love angel available in-store and online.)

"Mom love you so much" block with framed picture of a mother and daughters

In addition, partner our Graceful Sentiments Mom Block with a favorite framed photo of you and your mother for a perfect gift. (Also available in-store and online.)

DIY Angels for Mother’s Day Gifts

Per’s 2021 data, 24% of moms polled would prefer a homemade gift for Mother’s Day. With this in mind, consider crafting mom a wire angel for display in her garden.

DIY wire garden angel hanging in a budding lilac bush for Angel-Themed Mother's Day Gifts
DIY wire garden angel staked amid red, pink and yellow tulips for Angel-Themed Mother's Day Gifts

DIY Wire Garden Angel


  • 1 pair wire cutters


  • 1 roll (39 ft.) of each color desired 2 mm aluminum wire I love crafting with this wire! offers it in 10 colors!
  • beads (optional


  • Gently unroll one third to one half of the rolled wire. Try to keep the wire as smooth as possible.
  • Start by forming the first head loop, followed by the first body loop (much larger than the head). You're basically making a figure eight. Repeat two times.
  • Now wrap the wire snuggly once around the neck of the angel. Form two additional body loops of wire, but no additional head loops. (The head would be too thick and heavy if you added two additional head loops.)
  • Next add 3 wing loops on each side (upper back of the body) by following the figure-eight pattern. The wings should be larger than the head but smaller than the body.
  • Snip the wire 6 to 8 inches from the spot where you completed the wings.
  • Wrap the wire vertically one complete time around the neck joining the body to the head. (Begin the wrap at the top of the body and wrap forward and up – vertically – through the head and back down.
  • Finally, wrap the remaining few inches of wire in and out around the head of the angel to create hair.
  • Lastly, fan the five body loops and pull down slightly on each to give each loop a little more of a football shape.
  • While you are forming the angel, you can add beads or jingle bells to the wings or body if you wish. I, however, loved the shine of the wire and how it played with the light, and chose not to embellish the angel.
DIY wire garden angel perched on a rustic wood and metal birdhouse for Angel-Themed Mother's Day Gifts
DIY wire garden angel amid potted yellow, purple and burgundy pansies for Angel-Themed Mother's Day gifts

Without a doubt, your mom will find multiple spots in her garden in need of an angel. For this reason, don’t hesitate to make at least a few wire angels to grace her garden. Since offers the wire in a variety of colors, you can choose her favorites! By the same token, our wire garden angels beautifully accent a potted flower for Mom.

Coloring Pages from the Kids for Mom

coloring page with cats baking
coloring page with rabbits watering trees and flowers

Equally important, help mom’s littlest fans show how much they love and appreciate her with their own handmade gift! Remember grandma, too, with these sweet. printable pages honoring mom and grandma. Not to mention, Hayley, the daughter of Denise, our catalog and internet order fulfillment supervisor, designed them. 😁 Above all, they’ll be bright and beautiful reminders displayed on mom’s and grandma’s refrigerators!

Looking for more great Mother’s Day ideas? In like manner, try our handprint ornament or DIY candle.

round purple glass ornament with child's handprint in white hanging from a tree in bloom
melted wax being poured into a floral teacup to make a candle

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