A Father’s Love + DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa … there are so many names for the men whose love runs deep. We’re sharing reflections of that love, what it means to be a father, and some fun Father’s Day gift ideas, too!

A Father’s Love

“Squeeze my finger, Daddy.”

He squeezed my little finger ever so gently in his love.

“Squeeze tighter, Daddy … NO!! TIGHTER!” I insisted.

I waited until I thought he couldn’t squeeze any more – my tiny finger lost in the might of his hand and then, satisfied, proudly proclaimed, “That’s how tight I have you wrapped, Daddy!”

Father And Daughter At Niagara Falls In Winter

How I ever thought of that, I’ll never know, but I guess that’s why they came up with that saying “out of the mouth of babes.”

This is a story my parents love to tell … and retell. And often after they do, my dad’s eyes and mine will meet, and we warmly smile at each other because the reality is that just as much as I have him wrapped, he has me wrapped, too! A father will forever hold his daughter’s heart, even if he has to share it.

I have been so blessed to have an incredible dad. And as I get older and see life differently, I begin to see glimpses of the many sacrifices and labors of love he invests in my brother and me even still! And so once again this (not-so-little-anymore) girl begins to see her daddy in child-like wonder. (I love you Daddy!)

What Makes A Dad?

Wally Bronner And Kids In Wyoming, 1969
Bronner’s late originator, Wally Bronner, on vacation with his four children in the early 1970s. 
L to R: Wally Bronner, Maria, Randy, Wayne, and Carla.

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,

The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle’s flight,

The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need.

Then God combined these qualities.
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete.
And so, He called it … Dad.


A Father Is …

As I was preparing for this post, I couldn’t help but look up the definitions of a dad; my favorite one by far was from Alex and Co.:

Alex And Co. Definition Of A Dad

My list would also include best-sleeping-bag-roller-upper, personal navigation system, social butterfly, encourager, breakfast-maker, dream-chaser, limbo-king … I could go on! 

What would your list include? (Let us know in the comments below!)


So what do you give to the man with the strength of a mountain who gives the world’s best hugs, has the wisdom of Solomon and an unending love that runs deeper than the depths of the deepest ocean?

We’re glad you asked! We put together a few fun ideas …


This playful fishing theme is sure to have him hooked!

Fishing Gift Ideas From Bronner's For Father's Day
Featured at left: Fisherman Socks (1134795); Wishing I Was Fishing (1150409); Fishing Lure; Bass And Bobber.
Featured at right: Pike (1148347); Walleye (1148344); Trout (1087128); Hooked On Fishing (1194596)

We paired together a few of our fishing ornaments in a tackle box along with some bobbers and delicious bait … just for Dad. Oh! And these cozy “I’d rather be fishing” socks to boot; no fisherman should be without them!

Dad doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Why not string together a few fishing ornaments in a “catchy” way, like our rustic fishing rod made from a branch?! These would be a great way to present your favorite fisherman with what he really wants most – to go fishing with you! And Bronner’s ornaments will be a great reminder year after year of the reely special memories you made!


Okay, so this next one has my dad’s name written ALL over it!

Dad's Stache Candy Jar DIY Father's Day Gift And Exclusive Mustache Ornament From Bronner's.
Featured: Mustache Smile Face (1166805) SOLD OUT

My mom has dubbed my dad “the nibbler.” (Truth is we all kind of love our treats in my family. Pay no attention, Dad, to that Snickers® bar disappearing!) But that paired with the fact that I have only seen my dad a handful of times in my life without his distinct mustache made this “Dad’s Stache” candy jar way to sweet of a gift idea to pass up! (Print label.)


This gift is sure to have Dad cheering!

DIY Pallet Wood Coasters From Popsicle Sticks
Children's Father's Day Gift Coaster

When our blog team tasked me with the assignment of DIY pallet-wood coasters made from Popsicle sticks for a Father’s Day gift, I wondered how I would marry the two together. Then I realized pallets carry heavy loads and fathers do as well. 

This is a cute tribute to Dads with an invitation to kick back and relax for a day while celebrating all of his hard work and support!

AND! This fun little project is great because it is so versatile!

If you have little ones, they can draw on the Popsicle sticks for a personal touch – or decorate a coffee mug that can easily be paired with these manly coasters. (Throw in some of his favorite morning starter-fluid – aka coffee – and you have yourself a great little gift basket!)

If your children are a little older – or grown like me – you can take a more traditional pallet approach like I did. I love these drink-coasters because my dad has just spent the last of several weeks wood-burning endless amounts of pallet wood for a special project. It’s going to be hard to chose just one gift idea to go with! But these coasters paired with his favorite German beer and a few of Bronner’s beer ornaments are a winning combination!



-48 wooden Popsicle sticks (makes 4 coasters)
-black tea, optional*
-hot glue


  1. Measure, mark and trim each Popsicle stick down to 4″ long
  2. *Soak Popsicle sticks in a strong brew of black tea to add a slightly aged effect. (A weight will be helpful in keeping the sticks submerged. We used a large bowl and a stein.) If you want yours to look even more aged, as we did, you can use a vinegar and steel wool stain. We first tried that on our wooden canvas ornament cross in this More Than Christmas post.
  3. Hot glue the Popsicle sticks together; 12 per pallet.


Whether it’s a broken toy or a broken heart, dads are known to be fixers! So why not fix him up with something fun?

We loved the idea of epoxying a hammer to a board with the sweet sentiment “If Dad can’t fix it, no one can!” You can print and affix the sentiment, or even paint or draw it on the wood directly! And it’s a fun way of displaying a sweet photo! Bronner’s also has a few handyman ornaments he’s sure to love!

Handy Man Photo Frame Father's Day DIY gift
Featured: I Can Fix Anything (1213543); I Love Duct Tape; Mr Fix It (1173224)

Pair these fun Father’s Day gift ideas with our DIY Father’s Day card!

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