5 Ways To Say “I Love You” This Valentine’s Day

We’re sharing 5 ways to say “I Love You” just in time for Valentine’s Day … or really for any day of the year! Showing someone how much they mean to you can never be overdone, in my personal opinion. To those who may beg to differ – and that’s OK – I’d like to offer this realization I happened upon years ago. You just never know if the moment you decide not to share your love or appreciation, for whatever reason, may be the moment your loved one needs it most.

Life is too short to hoard love!

So Say I Love You

Happy couple pose for a photo with a heart wreath.

Whether you are in a committed or new relationship, single, or wishing to share your love with family, love is a language that transcends all relationship labels.

The 5 Love Languages

Shortly after coming to understand the importance of relating love, I discovered a book by Dr. Gary Chapman entitled, “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts.” I was amazed to learn that while love may be a universal feeling, it is not necessarily communicated universally.

Dr. Chapman introduces the idea of 5 love languages and how each person has a primary one.

Two people in relationship (whether romantic or platonic) can often have differing primary love languages. He explains that identifying and communicating what your primary love language is is important so that you can learn to communicate in a way the receiver will understand. In other words, in a way that will “fill their love tank.”

To illustrate this principle further, here is a fun, yet insightful clip from Oprah’s LIFE class featuring Dr. Gary Chapman in a Q&A:

Dr. Gary Chapman’s site, 5 Love Languages, features an abundance of resources to address a range of relationships including military families and even appreciation in the workplace.

Want to learn what your love language is? Check out one (or all) of Dr. Chapman’s profile quizzes: Couples, Singles, Children and Teens.

5 Languages … 5 Gift Ideas That Say “I Love You”

1. Words of Affirmation

What better way to share words of affirmation than in a card that your loved one can read again and again?! We’re sharing a DIY Valentine’s Day card idea for the win!

Simple DIY Valentine's Card with Lace Heart Ornament.

DIY Valentine’s Card



STEP 1 – Use glue or double-sided tape along the top back edge of the “My Heart Is Yours” template to secure it to the cardstock. Be sure to leave about ¼” along the sides and bottom so the cardstock frames the template.

Step 1. Glue or tape the "My heart is yours" template onto the cardstock.

STEP 2 – Score a line across the back side of the cardstock, about 1″ down from the top. This should closely align with the top of the template. Fold over along the line.

Step 2: Score a line along the back, and fold over.

STEP 3 – Tape the lace heart ornament beneath the fold.

Step 3: Tape the lace heart ornament beneath the paper fold.

STEP 4 – Fold the top back over. Measure and mark out 1½” from both edges to punch holes for ribbon.

Punch Holes

STEP 5 – Thread ribbon through and tie a bow.

Step 5: Thread ribbon through and toe a bow to finish this DIY "My Heart Is Yours" Valentine's card featuring a lace heart ornament from Bronner's.

Not up for crafting a card? We offer another alternative for this love language under “Receiving Gifts.” (Just follow the ✍️)

2. Receiving Gifts

Antique-styled “jewel box” ornaments have been making a comeback. Rather than giving a small gift in the traditional (boring) box, why not make it extra special by displaying it inside a jewel box ornament? Two gifts in one for a double dose of love! And who doesn’t love that?! 😍

To create this ring holder from our silver jewel box glass ornament, we simply used hot glue to secure a piece of Styrofoam, covered with a scrap of satin fabric, in place. (This is also a gem of an idea for a proposal!)

✍️Want to put a “Words of Affirmation” spin on the idea? Write a letter or list of memories or things you love about that special someone and hide it inside the ornament. As a result, you have an idea that’s perfect for celebrating friends or family too! (Think Galentine’s.)

Heart shaped jewel box ornament with love notes.
Featured: Red Heart Box Glass Ornament (1205539)

3. Acts of Service

My list includes a sixth (maybe not-so-secret if you ask my husband) love language. CHOCOLATE!😋 Not buying in to my philosophy? That’s okay, we can have chocolate one way or another! Here’s an idea for Valentine’s Day that the “Acts of Service” types will surely appreciate: a delicious, chocolaty dessert home-made from a labor of love.

We’ve shared two fantastic ideas here on the blog from Bronner’s Flavorful Favorites staff cookbooks. But let’s be honest, LOVE really is the secret ingredient to this Valentine’s Day gift!

Chocolate punch bowl cake and caramel chocolate brownie recipes from Bronner's Flavorful Favorite's cookbooks.

Undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser, try the Chocolate Punch Bowl Cake topped with crunchy toffee from our first edition, Bronner’s Flavorful Favorites.

Alternatively, our Caramel Layer Chocolate Squares (or hearts❤︎ depending on how you serve them) is the stuff worth sharing your ooey-gooey feelings with your significant other over😂.

4. Quality Time

While this gift seems pretty obvious … time … we’d love to offer a suggestion for upping the quality factor!

Frankenmuth is Michigan’s Little Bavaria. Despite being home to Bronner’s, the World’s Largest Christmas Store, our tiny town tucks away many romantic, hidden treasures. Therefore, it is an idyllic getaway for Valentine’s, too! Erin explores a few of those in her post dreaming up the perfect Bachelor/Bachelorette date.

Looking for additional ideas or maybe ones that are more family-friendly? Check out our ideas to enjoy Frankenmuth on a Budget!

📷 Photo Source: Bryan Minear for Frankenmuth

5. Physical Touch

“Jet’s® 🍕, sweats & cuddles?!😍” It’s probably a text I send my hubby all too often.🤣

Bronner’s has a small, in-store selection of some pretty cozy socks and pajama pants. It won’t take long for the “physical touch” types to snuggle up to this gift idea!

Featured: Straight Outta The North Pole (1201498); Rollin’ With My Gnomies (1201499)

The world can always use a little more love! Tell someone, today, that you love them.

I Love You glass ornament and heart spun glass ornament from Bronner's.
Featured: I Love You Glass Ornament (1205336); Spun Glass Heart Ornament – Asst. (1149790)

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