2018 TOP 10 Wackiest Christmas Ornaments At Bronner’s!

Whether in-store or online (by tagging us with @BronnersChristmas on Facebook and Instagram, or @BronnersXmas on Twitter), it’s always so entertaining to see the fun people have with the many unique Christmas ornaments at Bronner’s!

I had a great time scouring through some of our 10,000 ornament styles to bring you the TOP 10* wackiest picks. And narrowing it down to just 10 was no easy feat, believe you me! (So in addition, we’ve included a few bonus picks, too!) Drum-roll, please.

And without further ado …


"Bronner's Top 10 Wackiest Christmas Ornaments" includes a snowman toilet, Groucho Marx funny face glasses, a T-rex skeleton, a Day of the Dead gingerbread cookie, glass eyeball, Sasquatch, punkster bulldog, green alien, flying pig with wings and a dancing hippo in tutu.

10. Dancing hippo ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland $12.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1193182
9. Flying pig ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland $7.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1177727
8. Alien Glass Ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland $14.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1199529
7. Bulldog with spiked hair ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland $14.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1182430
6. Exclusive Bigfoot ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland $11.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1133053
5. Exclusive blue eyeball ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland $9.99– Bronner’s Item: 1186730
4. Exclusive Day of the Dead gingerbread cookie ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland $10.99– Bronner’s Item: 1200910
3. T. rex skeleton ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland $13.99– Bronner’s Item: 1187143
2. Funny face glasses ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland $13.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1196981
1. Snowman toilet glass ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland $13.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1179465 A box full of unusual, wacky, whimsical Christmas ornaments.


A little less flavorful but NO LESS stylish than their counterparts, my TOP 5* selection of delicious delights make great gifts for your favorite foodies!

"Bronner's Top 5 Delicious Ornaments" for foodies includes an avocado, pink sprinkle donut, mac & cheese, strip of bacon and a wine bucket.

1. Avocado Half Glass Ornament $18.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1200184
2. Exclusive Sprinkle Doughnut Ornament $10.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1166389
3. Exclusive I Love Mac & Cheese Ornament $11.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1173205
4. Exclusive Spun Glass Bacon Ornament $8.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1166253
5. Wine Bucket $6.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1196329

(And if you really do love mac & cheese or bacon, you might wish to try our “Baked Mac & Cheesiest” or “Bacon Wraps” recipes! And stay tuned for our Avo-Orange salad recipe coming soon!)


They may not have made the TOP 10, but this post wouldn’t feel complete without giving two honorable mentions to these fairy-tale favorites!

Honorable mentions: unicorn ornament and "Merry Fitness" Santa for your favorite fitness buff.

1. Prancing Unicorn Old World Christmas® Ornament $17.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1196939
2. Exclusive Merry Fitness Ornament $9.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1186599


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*Post disclaimer: Opinions expressed are solely my own with support from a small internal survey based on a selection of wacky contenders and do not express the views or opinions of Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.

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