Bronner’s Top 10 Exclusive Ornaments For 2018

At the World’s Largest Christmas Store, you’re sure to find ALL SORTS of ornaments, from wacky to traditional and just about everything in between. Many of our fun keepsakes are exclusive to Bronner’s! We thought it’d be fun to ask our product development team what designs they are excited to unveil for 2018! So without further ado, here are the top 10 exclusive ornaments they picked:


Ten New Exclusive Glass Ornament Designs To Bronner's Christmas Wonderland In 2018

10. Personalized Theater Stage ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1206491)
9. Fox Face ornaments from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland Girl -(1206371); Boy (1206372)
8. Cross ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1206487)
7. Is It Christmas Yeti? ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1207372)
6. Budapest from Skyline ornament series from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1206364)
5. Exclusive snowman with snow and 2018 glass ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1200904)
4. Silent Night Chapel ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1202774)
3. Gumdrops Cluster ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1206492)
2. Unicorn Face ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1206373)
1. Personalized Memorial ornaments from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland Pink (1206339); Blue (1206340); White (1206341)


Five New Exclusive Resin Ornament Designs To Bronner's Christmas Wonderland In 2018

5. Personalized 2018 Grad Cap ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1200483)
Personalized Tree Of Hearts ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1211824)
3. Personalized Memorial Bell ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1207338)
2. Personalized Fox Couple ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1207398)
Personalized Snowman Family With 4 Children ornament from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (1211824)


There are a lot of steps involved in creating custom keepsakes. From developing an idea to creating the art to partnering with producers from all around the world. To explain, ornament artist Shannon McGinnis talks about the process.

Dietrich Bronner looking at our exclusive monster design glass ornament.
Catalog and Product Development Manager Dietrich Bronner viewing samples of our exclusive monster design glass ornament.

Getting Started:

“It might be surprising how much work goes into one exclusive design. We first have to decide if a design is better fitting for a printed design on a round, glass bulb or if it lends itself more to a glass or resin form. The process for each starts with research. We cover all sorts of categories and themes, and we want to make sure we get the details of each design just right.

The Art:

“After research comes the initial sketches. For glass and resin forms, we try to nail down size and basic features. For the printed bulbs, we are limited to either a round three-inch printing area or a rectangular area encircling the bulb. Details are then added and the art is made into digital illustrations where we can more easily adjust colors, textures and layout.

From Sample To Production:

“Once the digital art for glass and resin forms is final, we send it off to our producers, who make a clay mold. We make any needed adjustments to that mold, and finally it is blown in glass and painted. We see digital files of this and again make necessary changes before ordering physical samples.

“The process for printed art is a bit more straight-forward. The exact art we send to the producer is the art we get on the final product. We also have control of the color and finish of the bulb itself. Just changing the color of the bulb can really make or break a design.

“Seeing physical samples of all three types of ornaments is always a bit exciting. By the time we receive them, we’ve generally been in this development process for a couple months!”

Want to learn more? You may enjoy our post about the decades-long, history of Bronner’s exclusive designs.



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What more appropriate way to celebrate the awesomeness of Bronner’s exclusive ornaments than with exclusive balloons (1023)?! We couldn’t think of one either!

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