10 Ways To Spread Christmas Cheer All Year!

Happy 10th day of Bronner’s 12 days of Christmas … in July! Being the “World’s Largest CHRISTmas Store”, we can admit we’re just a wee bit partial, but we love to share the JOY of Christmas ALL YEAR LONG! And with decades of experience doing just that – we also think that makes us pretty qualified to share our ideas with you for 10 ways you can spread Christmas cheer all year, too! After all …

What The World Needs Now Is More Christmas Cheer!

In a time when people are looking for more uplifting stories of love and kindness, why not consider creating your own in your sphere of influence by sharing Christmas cheer with loved ones – or even better, in random acts of kindness – during the most unexpected times?!

In 2017, model Andreea Diaconu played “Santa” on the streets of New York city, donning one of Bronner’s stylish Santa hats, to share the spirit of giving in partnership with Vogue Magazine!

And while you may not be giving away Dolce & Gabbana, there is certainly plenty you can do to bring the JOY of Christmas to your corner of the world! (But if you want to score some of your own Christmas cheer gear to help get you in the spirit, we’ve got you covered, too!)

So, without further ado – cue the drumroll please …

10 Ways To Spread Christmas Cheer, ALL Year

Christmas Nativity Pop-Up Card
Featured: Nativity Pop-Up Christmas Cards (1213112)


In our digital age it’s nothing to send out an email, shoot a quick text or post a social status update. But wouldn’t something even more thoughtfully-personal be better?! The joy of finding a handwritten card in the mailbox has not been lost, so why not bask in the nostalgia of sitting down to write a good, old-fashioned Christmas card and drop it in the mail to surprise your loved ones?!

In contrast, you can write a shorter, generic note of encouragement in Christmas cards to share with a local nursing home or hospital to spread a little Christmas cheer!

As a matter of fact, because Bronner’s sells boxed Christmas cards, our buyers occasionally receive samples. Afterwards they are shared in a central location in our office where staff are encouraged to take some of the cards to their desk and write greetings in them. As a result, for the past two decades, Bronner’s has been mailing cards to nursing homes in nearby Saginaw for distribution to their residents.

DIY Mini Christmas Stocking For Gift-Giving
Featured: Japanese Beaded Holiday Woven Earrings – Asst. (1240123)


Whether you choose to buy a fun, new CHRISTMAS STOCKING or DIY a small stocking on your own, this is one idea that is sure to prove a sock full of cheer for any time of the year! (And St. Nick would be proud … so long as you don’t put coal in it!😂)

  • Candy cane of course!
  • A Gift Card to Bronner’s*, to a favorite coffee shop or café, etc.
  • Lotto tickets.
  • Jewelry, nail polish or makeup.
  • Mini tools.
  • Pens or pencils, bookmarks or stationary.
  • Chocolates, caramels, candy or mints.
  • Pocket-sized lotion or hand sanitizer.
  • Inspirational or puzzle book (Bronner’s just received a Bob Ross® “‘Happy Little’ Word Search AND Coloring Book” inspired by the paintings and iconic quotes from the well-loved artist! – Item #1251929.)
  • “Happy Little Magnets” or other fun “mini boxes”
  • Bronner's Gift Card Stocking Stuffer
  • The Nutcracker Themed Christmas Pins
  • The Little Book Of Otter And Sloth Philosophy
  • Retro Santa Claus Plaid Metal Teardrop Earrings with Jewels
  • I Love Lucy, "The Joys Of friendship" Inspirational Book.
  • 12 Days Of Christmas Earrings Gift Set
  • Gourmet Chocolate And Caramels
  • Forever In Our Hearts Star Memorial Necklace
  • Bob Ross Word Search and Coloring Book and Magnets
  • Woven Beaded Christmas Earrings
  • Austrian Crystal Poinsettia Jewel Pin
Bronner's Hand-Painted Ornament


Did you know that Bronner’s personalization artists create over 400,000Gifts With Personal-ity” annually?! Without a doubt, a personalized keepsake from Bronner’s makes a special gift at Christmas, or any time of the year!

Furthermore, we dare you to think beyond the traditional – not that there is anything wrong with tradition! But certainly with such a large selection of wacky and exclusive ornaments, a personalized ornament doesn’t just have to be for Grandma or Grandpa, or Mom and Dad! For example, find a unique keepsake to personalize in homage of an inside joke or nickname … like Bronner’s exclusive building blocks ornament that reminds me of a meme for happy couples!

Candy cane treat


Celebrate the spirit of the season with a sweet gesture! Peppermint candy canes have long been a favorite symbol of CHRISTmas …

“The candy cane begins with a stick of white candy. The white symbolizes the purity of the Christmas season. Red stripes are for the blood shed by Christ on the cross so that we may have eternal life. The candy cane is formed in to a “J” to represent the presious name of Jesus. It can also represent the staff of the Good Shephard. It’s hard consistency represents the Solid Rock, the foundation of the church, and the firmness of the promises of God.”
Shared from Bronner’s “Ornament Legends, Symbols & Traditions” book.

Why not consider keeping a box or two on hand and passing out candy canes today?! We’ve even created this free printable gift tag you can tie on for an extra festive flair. It’s a perfectly SWEET reminder to add a BIT[e] of Christmas Cheer into the day of friends, family or even passers-by!

DID YOU KNOW: Bronner’s includes a small candy cane “THANK YOU! ” note with every package they ship? It’s true!

Nativity Story Iced Christmas Cookies
Featured: Nativity Cookie Cutter Set (1158692); “Kookies” by Kustom Baked Kreations by Kelly


Bake up Christmas cookies to share … or eat … or BOTH!

Cookies are amazing any time of the year, we know. But there is just something so undeniably extra-special about a delicious CHRISTMAS cookie! Perhaps it’s the the shape or maybe the frosting?! Whatever the case, cookies comes in as our 5th way to spread Christmas cheer all year!

The Giving Plate Ceramic Platter
Featured: The Giving Plate (1219461)

Bronner’s ceramic platter with “THE GIVING PLATE” poem is the perfect way to share the sweet spirit of Christmas. Additionally it is sure to inspire others to continue in “paying-it-forward”! One simple, delicious gesture that will have a joyful, rippling effect. It’s the plate that keeps on giving …

The Giving Plate

This plate is for giving
It belongs to all.
Enjoy the treats upon it, 
then fill it with some more.
As you pass it on
The love never ends,
A growing circle
Of family & friends

Are you looking for a fun, new recipe to try? Why not check out our Virtual Cookie Exchange + GIVEAWAY!


In the wise words of Buddy the Elf, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Caroling display at Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland
📷 Instagram Photo Credit: StaceyLynnXOXO

In truth, music has the power to transcend us. So why not grab a group of friends, dress up in your favorite Christmas accessories and sing your hearts out?! Christmas caroling at unexpected times of the year is sure to brighten people’s moods and hearts with joyous Christmas cheer! And how can one not sing-along?! As a matter of fact, guests can often be found singing with the soundtrack in our Frankenmuth storeroom all the time – and also auditioning with our carolers on the grounds… 🎵🎶

Consider organizing carolers, including your favorite karaoke stars, anyone who loves to sing and those who don’t need a reason to celebrate Christmas and, with permission, sing Christmas carols outside your local nursing home, hospital or favorite restaurant to brighten someone’s day!

Fun Factoid: Family Life Radio actually attempted to break a Guinness World Record on July 25, 2015 in Frankenmuth, MI for “the most people caroling” at one time.

Cars decorated for Christmas


We were first inspired for this idea from the drive-by tributes that were happening for the graduating class of 2020 or in honor of birthdays during the COVID-19 pandemic and first shared it in our Christmas Traditions post. This is one we LOVE and we think you might, too! To spread a little Christmas cheer, both far and near, why not organize a Christmas car parade for your local area?!

If you find yourself asking, “what is a Christmas car parade?”, we’re happy to share! Simply organize a group of friends, family or locals who want in on the fun and decorate your vehicles, while observing legal guidelines in your region of course. Then pick a route to travel in your local area to spread the Christmas cheer! And don’t forget to HONK IF YOU LOVE CHRISTMAS! 🚗🚗🚗

  • "Honk If you love Christmas", car windshield
  • Guests pose next to decorated Christmas cars at Bronner's
  • Guests pose next to decorated Christmas cars at Bronner's
  • Guests pose next to decorated Christmas cars at Bronner's
  • Guests pose next to decorated Christmas cars at Bronner's
  • Guests pose next to decorated Christmas cars at Bronner's


This tip for spreading Christmas cheer is especially great for anyone whose love language is gifts! Traditionally, in a Secret Santa exchange, participants will draw names and anonymously gift their recipient, starting with a smaller surprise each day and leading up to a big exchange when Secret Santas are revealed. But since this is, after all, one way to spread Christmas cheer throughout the rest of the year – when Secret Santa exchanges are not being organized, we’re suggesting you just have fun being a secret Santa!

Can you keep a secret?! 🤫😊

Kids enjoying free hot cocoa booth


Who doesn’t love hot cocoa?! Our number 9 way to share Christmas cheer throughout the year is to set up a free hot cocoa booth!

This is an especially fun way to share Christmas cheer to include the kiddos in on! Have them help with crafting a fun sign and the decorating. Tinsel garland and balloons are both economical and simple décor that lend a huge festive flair to quickly dress up a small pop-up table. And a small tree is way better than a balloon weight, wouldn’t you agree?!

Additionally, we’re certain your kids will lend their own brilliant ideas for what makes a perfect hot cocoa bar! (And we’d love for you to share their suggestions with us down in the comments below!👇)

  • Hot cocoa cheers!
  • Hot chocolate with all the toppings
  • Family getting hot cocoa
  • Hot cocoa in sleigh basket and candy canes in Christmas wreath
  • Kids grabbing Nestle hot chocolate packet
  • Hot cocoa bar toppings, chocolate chips, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles
  • Kid eating cookie
  • Iced spice cookies
Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland "Ugly Christmas Sweater" Sweatshirt Design
Featured: Bronner’s Christmas “Ugly Sweater” Sweatshirt (1040)


OK – unless it’s underwear🤣 Let’s keep this Christmas cheer G-rated!

But what a fun chance to take a portrait or selfie wearing a thoughtfully chosen gift. (Like that pink bunny suit from Aunt Clara … Or if you don’t have an Aunt Clara maybe it’s a different shirt. Like, perhaps, those “and all I got was this lousy t-shirtsouvenirs we’ve all seen, right?! Bronner’s “Ugly Sweater” sweatshirt is WAY better and, to be sure, MOST DEFINITELY the next best thing to actually making your own – filled with surprises like a hidden pickle ornament!)

But this Christmas cheer idea isn’t just for clothes – it could be a book or dishware. Enjoying a gift card you received. Or perhaps a photo of a project that gift, like tools, helped to bring to fruition?! The options are as endless as gifts themselves. What matters most about this idea is just letting your gift-giver know how much you love and appreciate the gift they took the time to pick. (We’re sure they’ll be glad to know their carefully chosen keepsake won’t end up at your next white elephant gift exchange!)

So What Are You Waiting For?!

Pick one or two … a handful … or all ten ideas and go make the world a better place by sharing Christmas cheer!

Do you have even more suggestions for sharing Christmas cheer that we surely missed?! Please let us know in the comments below!

Don’t Wish Time Away!

Christmas may come but once a year … for most people! But now you can celebrate Christmas any time of the year with these ideas and your friends at Bronner’s!

Bronner's Month Clock
Bronner’s Month Clock is a popular PHOTO OP spot and also a part of our 75th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt!

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