10 Things You Can’t Believe You’ll Find at Bronner’s

1.  A Nativity ornament on every decorated tree on display! Bronner’s believes “Jesus is the reason for the season” and brings that truth to focus on each decorated tree.



2. A replica of the original Silent Night Memorial Chapel in Oberndorf (Salzburg), Austria, that marks the site where “Silent Night” was first sung in 1818. Inside, guests may view the message of Christ’s birth as told in Luke 2:1-19, in 30 different languages while “the world’s favorite Christmas song” plays in the background. The inspirational landmark is fully illuminated at night, and open daily for visitation and meditation.



3. A (limited) selection of decorations for other seasons and holidays. Bronner’s may be the World’s largest Christmas store but we have so much more to offer! Our Department 56 Halloween display is always a favorite among visitors and even a few of our trees in-store will be decorated in different seasonal themes.



4. Bicycles!! When you work at a store that’s 320,000 sq. ft., your legs get tired. That’s the equivalent of 5 1/2 football fields! So what better way to get around than bicycles?! Employees use the bikes to get from one end of the building to the other. Don’t worry, no bikes allowed in the showroom so you won’t have to worry about any of us running you over. 😉




5. A selection of frosted, decorated Christmas sugar cookies available year-round in Season’s Eating snack area. Santa isn’t the only one who loves sugar! The smell of fresh-baked cookies is a constant in and around the store. We even make our own frosting! Want to know how? Who are we kidding?! OF COURSE YOU DO! Check out Bronners.com for the recipe and more!



6. A peanut machine! Bronner’s makes its very own packing peanuts for shipping over 230,000 packages to customers each year. Typically, that would mean a lot of Styrofoam ending up in landfills, but ours are completely biodegradable! It’s just our little way of trying to save the world one peanut at a time.




7. Baby food jars and before you ask, no, it’s not because of some new weird health food trend, lol. They’re for our ornament artists! Bronner’s personalized ornament painters use size 2 glass baby food jars to hold their paint and mineral spirits. Over 400,000 ornaments are personalized each year. That’s a lot of paint!



8. Ties, ties, and more ties! Our late originator Wally Bronner had a collection of over 100 ties, so it’s a natural that we would offer them (mostly Christmas ties!) in the store. And don’t worry ladies, we offer handbags and purses as well!



9. Starving artists. Just kidding! We do feed them … well, most of the time ;). Not only do we have the talented lettering artists who personalize ornaments every day for hundreds of customers, but we have exclusive design artists who create our one-of-kind designed ornaments. We even have our own airbrush artists who paint all the fiberglass figurines and decorations that leave Bronner’s each year to decorate cities, malls, churches, theme parks and more! And who could forget the AMAZING decorating department that designs all the displays you see around the store!




10. Number 10 is something you WON’T find at Bronner’s – a section 13, which might just make you chuckle a bit!


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