10 things to do with ornaments

Here at Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland we have thousands of ornaments, which got me thinking … why are we limited to just using them around Christmas time? Here are 10 things to do with ornaments … other than put them on your Christmas tree! P.S. No tools required.


This one is my favorite out of the 10 things to do with ornaments. Bringing the ocean to a home near you! I’ve had this driftwood that I picked up years ago and wondered what I was going to do with it … I found the perfect solution.

Ornaments used: Clam Shell Glass Ornament, Sand Dollar Ornament, Starfish With Shell Resin Ornament , Seahorse With Sand Glass Ornament , Glittering Conch Shell Glass Ornament, 5 Ft. Starfish Garland


Love the way painted Easter eggs look in a basket but know they will go bad if you keep them there? We have the perfect solution with our Tradition of the Painted Egg ornaments. These ornaments are extremely detailed and beautiful. Add an adorable bunny or two and you might just have the cutest Easter basket ever!!!

Ornaments used: Red Egg With Floral Pattern Glass Ornament, Blue Egg With Flowers Glass Ornament, Egg With Sunflowers Red Glass Ornament, Glass Egg Ornament With Pink And Purple Flowers, 2019 Collectible Animal Rabbit Sitting Figurine
(Available in-store only or by calling Customer Service) Teal Blue Egg (118668), Gold and Red Egg (1198321)


Who doesn’t love the cool crisp air or all the beautiful colors in the fall? We can’t give you the cool crisp air; however, we can brighten up your home with a little fall decor.

Ornaments used: Acrylic Leaf Ornament With Rose Gold Glitter Accents
(Available in-store only or by calling Customer Service) Leaf Plate (1199052) Gold Pinecone (1205413) Longer Brown Pinecone (1186919) Maple Leaf (1134088) Gold Pinecone (1084909) Rustic Pinecone (1202875) Brown Round Pinecone (1184194)


Let freedom ring! Use any glass container, fill with red, white and blue ornaments, add some lights and boom💥 you have yourself a nice 4th of July centerpiece. Additionally I love our Jim Shore Santas so I added him to top off this look.

Ornaments used: 4 Inch Blue Plain Plastic Ball Ornament, 4 Inch Silver Plain Plastic Ball Ornament, 4 Inch Red Shatterproof Plastic Ball, 6 Ft. Red, White And Blue Metal Star Garland, Twinkle Warm White 96 LED Strand, Battery Operated With Timer, Star Reflector Red Plastic Set Of 6 Ornaments, Star Spangled Santa Jim Shore American Santa Figure


Who doesn’t LOVE a tall glass of wine? Add a touch of class by adding some mini ornaments to your glass. For this one, you will need wine charm rings to attach the ornament to.

Ornaments used: Conversation Heart Cluster Glass Ornament, Candy Corn Cluster Of 3 Mini Glass Ornaments
(Available in-store only or by calling Customer Service) Egyptian Wine Glass (1203448) Gold Heart Mini Ornaments (1203475) Drink Stir (1207802)


You are my sunshine 🌞 and I love you to the moon and back! 🌜 Two beautiful ornaments made with Swarovski Crystal inspired me the make an out-of-this-world display.

Ornaments used: You Are My Sunshine Hearts Gifts Ornament, Love You To The Moon Heart Gifts Ornament, Fanciful Sun Glass Ornament, Sun Disc Glass Ornament, Moon With Face Blown Glass Ornament, Gold Moon On Medallion Glass Ornament, Solar System Glass Ornament, Chrome Tree With Star 6 Ornament Display Stand (Available in-store only or by calling Customer Service) Gold Star (1196342)


I am in love with our Egyptian Glass! Setting ornaments in and around them is really simple to do and they look so purdy!!!

Ornaments used: Silver With Glitter Stripes Plastic Ornament, Set of 12 Multi-Colored Glass Ornaments, Set Of 12 Mini Shiny And Matte Silver Glass Ornaments
(Available in-store only or by calling Customer Service) Dark Blue Egyptian Wine Glass (1203451) Medium Teal
Egyptian Wine Glass (1203279) Small Teal Egyptian Wine Glass (1203278)


Purple and black, purple and black . . . How pretty does purple and black look together? Add some candles and this will make a perfect center piece for your next dinner party.

10 things to do with ornaments: Set Of 8 Amethyst Velvet Glass Ornaments, Black Glass Ornament With Marble Top And Silver Glitter, Set Of 8 Elephant Grey Glass Ornaments, Set Of 8 Ebony Velvet Glass Ornaments


We all buy our first home at some point or know someone who has. This is a perfect gift from them (or yourself) to remember and celebrate that big move!

Ornaments used: Personalized Our House With Shutters Ornament


A cute way to spruce up your dinner party! For this you need two ornament loops. Next place your name card in between them and voila – cute and simple place cards.

Ornaments used: Basket Of Blueberries Glass Ornament, Strawberry Jam Jar Glass Ornament

10 things to do with ornaments other than put them on your Christmas tree.

So whatever your style is … get crafty!

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